Peace is one of the best feelings...

I’ve had a tight schedule lately. My exams start tomorrow and schoolwork hasn’t been the smoothest-sailing of jobs. I’m sure many of you can relate.

An escape from the hectic lifestyle of the real world is what many of us all need. Today, I decided to do just that.

I had no desire for the normal airline life. The last things I wanted to do were navigating busy airspace and paying attention to ATC instructions. I love that stuff, but my brain is too overwhelmed for it now.

Instead, I chose the XCub, a manoeuvrable recreational aircraft, and flew low through the lush mountains of Nepal, getting up close and personal with nature.

A scenic hour-long tour overlooking pristine natural beauty was definitely what I needed in these times of stress.

I took off from Kathmandu, choosing a flight plan that would bring me right over the snowcapped mountain peaks. HD scenery really helped here.

Nearly an hour later, I descended into a narrow valley, and lined up to approach the world’s most dangerous airport — Lukla / Tenzing-Hillary Airport.

I performed a flawless landing on Runway 06 with 7 knots crosswinds.

Now that the flight is over, it’s time to return to the reality of life, and get back to my exam revision.

Wish me luck.





These are just amazing!

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This is just what I like to do too just kick back and watch the beautiful scenery that the IF developers created for us


Nice but that’s some awesome shots especially the touch down @rockpapernuke

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Great photos and I especially loved the commentary on this one. Good luck!


I also love landing the xclub at VNLK

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I also think I pulled of a go around with it at VNLK hard but last second decision

a go around at Lukla? that’s epic. they’re not allowed IRL but it’s cool to try.

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There is a real life go around though I saw a real video but I was able to pull on off also