PDX to OGG on Alaska Airlines 737-800 Trip Report

Welcome to PDX! Can’t forget the best carpet in any airport!

This is the ride over to Maui. It is a Boeing 737-800 but was supposed to be a MAX. Sadly no special livery. I will be seated in seat 12F.

Boarded and settled into to sea 12F. Great view of the wing and engine! That is the max on its way to Kona on the Big Island. Departure time is around 7 AM!

Taxing out to runway 28L for are departure. There was a big line due to the spring break crowds!

Fedex MD-11 to Memphis powering out of Portland!

Sorry I did not get a picture right before takeoff. Clouds were extremely low and all you would have seen is gray. It took us 30 minutes to Takeoff!!

On Approach in Kahului(OGG). Very cloudy :(

And just like that a nice touchdown in Maui. After a flight time of 5 hours and 55 minutes we have made it to Paradise. See you on the trip report coming home in 10 days :(



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Nice photos! It’s been over 10 years since i flew this route last IRL
Also saw N577AS (your plane based on the images) when i was in Kona last year

Had the exact opposite of you on my last to-Hawaii flight. Went from a 737NG to a MAX with a special livery

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Call images you already landed. Nice.

I see those Gulfstream in the background as you’re landing. Lol

I did not notice them at first but when I share my dad he saw those he worked on them

funny i know who owns that gulfstream back there, I’ve touched it a couple years back

wait really who

i know, but i dont know, its on the tip of my tongue I forget rn, ill tell you if I remember

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