PDX-OAK-HOU trip report

Hello everyone! Here are some pictures on my recent flights to Houston beginning my spring break vacation! Hope you enjoy!

Here’s our Boeing 737-700 coming in from Denver

Here’s our seat for this first flight. Great view of the flaps.

At cruise!

Descending into Oakland

We have touchdown!

That was our first flight. Went by very fast and pretty smooth.

Here’s our seat for the second flight taking us to Houston on another Boeing 737-700.

A very beautiful sunset departure over downtown San Francisco. I got some pretty good views of KSFO too!

This was our very stormy arrival in Houston. Lighting everywhere which was pretty cool to see. It was also a very turbulent descent which my bother was not the biggest fan of 🤣 It was also very foggy out so sorry for the blurry picture.

Touchdown in Houston! We landed at about 12:30AM.

This storm was a very intense one. Our plane was one of the last ones to land before they had other planes diverting or in holding patterns 😬 We had to wait about an hour to get our bags because they were not allowing ground workers to bring them in because of lighting, so they just ended up sitting in the pouring rain and got absolutely drenched 😂
To top this all of we had an hour drive to the hotel 🥴

Hope you all enjoyed!


Nice trip report. Have a nice time in Houston. I never knew people go there on holiday. Sorry about the drenched bags that would’ve been annoying

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We’re actually went on a cruise! I’m currently chilling in the beautiful island of roatan!

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Wow! That’s in the pacific right?
Great pictures!!

Caribbean actually

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Don’t hesitate to go to the Johnson Space Center! ;)

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The Night you flew in we had Hail from the storms

Absolutely go there
It’s so much fun

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It was a very bad storm

Bravo! 👏

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Nice photos of your trip report! Really liked that you included some photos of San Francisco

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