Pc version infinite flight

Will there be a pc version of if

Hey! For now there has been no official plan to have Infinite Flight on PC. They are primarily focusing on mobile for now.

I don’t think there will ever be one. IFLLC has staked its fame in the mobile simulation world.

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As of now, the Infinite Flight staff team have no intentions to work on a PC version of Infinite Flight. All of their time and resources go to developing the #1 mobile flight sim.

Simple answer: no

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This is confirmation from a moderator.

Edit: Outdated but as far as I am aware, still worthy.

And just to clear up any possible misconceptions, bluestacks is not a viable option. It’s not actively supported, nor will you receive any kind of support trying to run it. A very small number of users have reported managing to get it working, but with the vast hardware configurations and lack of optimisation, you’ll find a more enjoyable experience simply running it on a phone or a tablet.


Infinite Flight is not available for PC at this time. The only versions of Infinite Flight for PC is available for Infinite Flight developers as they need this to do their job.