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I downloaded IF on my PC through Bluestacks. My IF Pro subscription is on my apple iPhone. Is there a way to access that account on my PC now?
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I am not sure, as Infinite Flight is not fully supported on PC.


Infinite Flight isn’t supported on PC, so even if you do access gameplay, it would be highly unstable 🙃

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If you have an iTunes account, you may not be able to log in to it on any other device. This is why it is safer to log in using Google or Facebook as Facebook is a social media and Google is a search engine used on all devices. Also, blustacks uses Google play. So iTunes will not be accessible

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Thanks guys

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How do you download IF on a PC??

it’s an emulator

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You can use the subscription if it is linked to FB/Google separately.

While it is possible to use Bluestacks please note that we cannot support the wide range of variables that play into using an emulator. I also don’t think anyone has been able to get replays to export to the Bluestacks file system properly so please keep that in mind.


I disagree with this, I have IF on my PC and I’ve done flights up to 23h without any problem

@Ryan0479 I have him in the play store I got access without any problem, as apple would not know answer you, but I believe so

I have IF on my iPhone and Bluestacks. If you link the sub to FB/Google it works fine for me!

How do you link an account to Facebook?

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There is a link account button in the profile page. I linked mine with google though.

I don’t think my login to the community is paired with my pro subscription though

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It’s not the community account. You’d use your pro log in details on the emulator.


As @TaipeiGuru said, you link your facebook or google account to the pro subscription. Click on your name in the top right and hit the “Link Account” or smth like that button. I linked mine to the same google account as the community, to make things simple

Hi there!

Infinite Flight is specifically made for mobile devices, not PC, and I do not recommend using it on PC, as this may present both stability issues and copyright issues. Unfortunately I don’t think I can give you any advice, apart from maybe not to use it.



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For people talking about how pc is not viable, the OP is asking hpw to login, which would be the same way as on Android. So stop saying bluestack won’t work since that’s off topic.


This is asking how to login on android (an android emulator) with an itunes account.

Nothing to do with copyright (where did you get that idea? No one is modifying Infinite Flight or claiming its theirs), though since its not officially supported, if it works, great, if it doesn’t or its unstable, its not infinite flight’s problem. (It does work decently well depending on your pc btw)

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Firstly, if you log in with the account that has the pro sub, you will have access to pro on the PC.

Secondly, bluestack is compatible and stable for use of infinite flight so don’t sweat it guys.

And the last time I checked this was supported as there are many topics within the community which discuss the use and testing of bluestack.