PC IF players?

Just wondering how many people play IF on a PC. Anyone else?

IF is not supported on PC and/or emulators.


IF doesn’t support PCs, but u can always share ur screen on ur monitor

There’s ways to get it on PC. Just if there any issues it’s not up to the team to solve or make fixes for:)

Yes, you can play IF on a PC if you have a Chromebook or Mac.

You can’t play IF on a Mac. You can just share your screen. There’s a big difference mate.

Technically a chromebook is not a PC.

Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator. Emulators are not supported due to the wide array of setup configurations. While an app may run, it is not supported.


How do I do that?

Keep in mind that mirroring will utilize bandwidth and may impact Infinite Flight performance. You are basically streaming everything to another device with a delay.

Yeah, it’s not a great choice. But u can always do that. It depends on the devices u have, a wired way is always possible otherwise check on YouTube for more info

So we can set it on chromebook

You can play IF on a Chromebook, and it works very, very well. All you need to do is purchase a joystick.

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Do you still tap the screen on a touchscreen Chromebook, or do you click the buttons? If so, how does it feel clicking something designed for a touch interface?

Yeah, if the Chromebook is a touchscreen, you use it. But mine isn’t, and I use a mouse. It isn’t as hard as one might think.

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