Pc Emulator

It is okay to play infinite flight simulator on PC?

Yes, on BlueStacks it is working 100% but just want to make sure that is completely okay to play on o so I don’t get in trouble, I already did a 1h full flight on Casual server using IFAssistant and works fine.

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Why would you get in trouble?
As long as you stick to the rules enforced such as in the Expert Server, you should be fine.

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Bluestacks isn’t officially supported by the IF devs so expect bugs that could potentially be game breaking or make your life very difficult


Make sense, I will just play on pc when I can’t use my other mobile devices

Thanks for clarifying!!

I use an emulator for most of my flights nowadays, that one being Waydroid (although I used to use Bluestacks back when i ran windows) and I’ve had very few issues. For the record I encounter a similar number of issues on supported devices, like ios.

Something you may encounter is not seeing IF in google play. For that you have to use a 64bit instance of bluestacks.
Another thing you may encounter straight away is IF launching to a gray screen, just pop back out to the Home Screen or the app switcher and go back into IF and it’ll be fine.

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No you won’t get in trouble
As long as you follow the Expert server rules then your fine
Perfectly fine to play on Pc Emulator

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I used Bluestacks on my PC, but one day, strangely, Infinite Flight only opens until the initial logo and the application crashes. This proves that there is no guarantee of smooth playing using Bluestack, yes indeed at first playing is smooth and satisfying, but at some point the application crashes.

Solution? This is a bit difficult, unless you play on a different PC or laptop, then the problem may be resolved (sometimes not)

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For those of you using bluestacks/windows, how do you actually control the plane: pitch, roll etc.

Well, I just went to free fly on solo and try to fly like I usually do on my phone and every move I did I set up a key binding from bluestacks settings, and actually took me like an hour or so.

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That actually happened to me, not with IFS but with other games, I used bluestacks a lot and en up been that I had to update the driver on my pc 🤷🏾‍♂️, every time any game performance go low from what it used to be I check my drivers for my gpu and always something new but that’s not often probably once ever 6months lol, cuz I have a I7 with a 3090, also make sure that drivers and the bluestacks app itself is up the date, and me sure bluestacks is not using all ur cores cuz for some reason the settings go crazy by itself after updates and mess up everything

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What did you use for pitch and roll? The mouse?

I use a joystick, the only time I tested it on IF, usually just flying on my IPad

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I use AD/WS

I was thinking of trying it with an xbox controller

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