PBR Issues In 22.3

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra
Operating system: Android 12
Infinite Flight Version: 22.3 (1943)

After updating to version 22.3, I encountered an issue with the PBR. I concluded some extensive testing of the issue and I determined that the conditions to be able to reproduce are really specific:

  • Occurs during Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Affects the sun-facing side of the aircraft - it lacks the orange-ish tone caused by the sunlight reflection on the aircraft when looking at the aircraft from an “eye-level” camera angle; it re-appears when looking at the aircraft from a top-down angle.
  • Distance between the camera and the aircraft appears to make a difference, however, I do not know the exact value (Sub-0NM) - When the camera is close enough to the aircraft, the orange-ish tone re-appears.
  • Occurs for the user’s aircraft.
  • Does not occur on the same aircraft type as the user’s current one only.
  • Different parts of the aircraft may be affected differently, depending on the camera location relative to the aircraft.

I have included some screenshots with details below, to back up my explanation. The bug disappears when taking screenshots with the Screenshot Mode in Replay, so my screenshots were done by hiding the UI and using the native screenshot function on my device. I used the Free camera and did not change the zoom. The issue is reproducible in other exterior views (e.g. Normal, Right Wing, etc.) as well.

My aircraft + livery was the Airbus A321 with the Wizz Air livery; the screenshot location was Nice Airport (LFMN)

Sunrise, Time ~07:05 UTC+2

Fig. 1: The closest the camera can get to the aircraft before the PBR effects kick in.

Fig. 2: The furthest away from the aircraft the camera can get before the PBR effects stop working - first aircraft is my own, 2nd and 3rd aircraft are part of a group flight.

Fig. 3: An angle and position of the camera showing the “enabled” and “disabled” PBR side-by-side.

Fig. 4: A top-down view at the same distance as Fig. 1.

Fig. 5: Same aircraft type, different livery, “eye-level”.

Fig. 6: Same aircraft from the other side (facing away from the sun).

Sunset, Time ~20:05 UTC+2

Fig. 7: The sunny side of the aircraft, “eye-level”.

Fig. 8: A top-down view of the aircraft.

Fig. 9: Same aircraft type, different livery. Different parts of the aircraft appear to be affected differently.

Fig. 10: Same aircraft from the other side (facing away from the sun).

Fig. 11: BCS3 affected by the same issue. Different parts of the aircraft appear to be affected differently, this time, more obviously.

If you look closely, the issue appears to affect some 3D objects around the airports too.

I will update the topic in case I discover any additional info that would be beneficial to resolving the issue. Feel free to get back to me with any further details you may need and I will happily provide them.


I don’t really know all this techy stuff but is anti aliasing on?

Hello, This issue is aware by staff members, and will hopefully be fixed in a future update. Thank you so much for taking the time too report this.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the update and happy flying !!

Clear Skies

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