PayPal as payment method?

Hey all,

A few years ago I started playing Infinite Flight, having not used it for quite a while now I have decided to make a return. However, a plane I’ve always liked to fly is now a pro-feature (or plane) only.

Having considered all the extras I get with the pro subscription I’ve decided to purchase this. However, due to my family sharing, my fathers creditcard will be used instead my debit card that has been added to my iCloud account. My father’s card will still be used and he will also get a receipt which is dedicated to me.

Now my question, is it possible to connect a (let’s say) PayPal account in order to make sure my money will be used instead of my fathers.

For clarification, I am the legal age needed to get this (or any other) subscription.

I’m looking forward to your answers.


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You can pay with PayPal through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Dear Trio,

Thank you kindly for your quick answer.

I will try to look into it, however when I did this earlier it did not go as planned at all.


I think because he is under Family Sharing, it is prioritising his dads payment method.

I remember looking into this a while back and there is no way to remove the Family Sharing organiser’s payment method for individual people - it’s either on for everyone in the group or off completely - which I think is a pretty stupid design decision.

Hello BennyBoy_Alpha,

Thank you kindly for your answer.

This is most likely indeed the case. I’ve checked everything and it seems like I can not get prioritize my card above my fathers.

Wouldn’t it be possible to “connect” the payment methods to your infinite flight account and retrieve the subscription within the app via a linked account?


I don’t believe this is possible…

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