Yesterday I purchased a Google play gift card.
In the play store it is showing my balance is €11.66 but when I am going to infinite flight and I am trying to buy the subscription, it show I have a bit more than €6. I am sure I have €11.66.
Is this a problem with IF, the play store or me?


This is most likely an issue with the Google play store.

Have a look at your recent transactions: has anything else been paid for with the gift card money?

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I had €16.15 and used €4.49 on a FR24 subscription. It shows nothing else and I haven’t bought anything else. It is the first time it is happening to me.

It may be worth opening a support ticket with Google play then, it doesn’t seem like it would be an issue with Infinite Flight. You can do so here:

Hope this helps!



It worked!! Thanks