I renewed my infinite flight subscription last evening and even after renewing it and having access to the app I keep getting a payment declined message. Is it something I should be worried about or I can be cool about it?

I don’t think you should be worried. Is the issue that you don’t know if it is taking your money every time?

If it’s from the App Store I would check what the reason for that is. Very rarely does that stuff mess up.

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Send you receipt to IF support.

Did you use a gift card, or a bank card? If it was a gift card, then it could be insufficient funds.

I used a gift card and also renewed my IF subscription but still getting this.

I just checked and everything seems normal there. My subscription is on auto renewal also

The subscription did take money and I’m able to access infinite flight pro. Even though my payment is justified I keep getting that message

contact Apple support using this link

I am telling you send your receipt to the infinite flight support email. This has happened to me before.

Alright will do that now

There’s absolutely no point in sending this to me :)
The message is generated by Apple and everything with the subscription is functioning normally.



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