Payment verification problem.

Hi. I’m trying to purchase live on the Infinate flight site. But for for some reason I’m getting verification error.
I’ve tried with various cards so that’s not the problem. This is the error I’m getting. Any ideas?Thanks. image

Also when I try and purchase it through the game it says error there too??

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How would that help when he’s trying via the website? No need to ask for information that’s not needed.


Err, maybe your wifi connection is bad? Idk

I tried doing it online and it stopped my mums card from working, as well as getting that message. I’m surprised about the in app thing.

You could delete and reinstall the app

I was having that issue, it was due to the bank blocking the transaction as it was thought to fraudulent! Have removed the block now so should work for me ok, by won’t check till I am home tomorrow


Check if you have sufficient amount for the transaction.

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Hi guys thanks for the replies. Tried reinstalling the app still no joy. Thought. About the wifi thought about that and went on to my 4g service and still no joy.
@David_Lockwood cheers mate I might contact the bank then as I have sufficient funds in all the accounts I’ve tried. Thinking about it might be because it’s in $ and not £ so you could be right.

Thanks for all your help.

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Yep when I first saw it I double checked my account to make sure had funds! Then as holidays I popped into my local branch yesterday and got it sorted.

I don’t have issues on the website. But I have the same problems you are having with being able to purchase it on the app.

Yeah it’s really annoying. Just wondering if there is a problem with the vesrion I have from amazon apps. I can’t download it from play store as it says not available in your country.
Wondering if there is somewhere else I can download it. The website takes you to the play store.

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I once encountered this problem and found that I had restrictions on in the settings. I suggest checking that and switching off your restrictions for ‘in app purchases’ that should do it.

Check your connection or restart your device or the app.

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Ok I’ve managed to do it. Seems the problem was that I’d downloaded it from amazon. I download a APN app so I could fool play store I was in the USA and then downloaded the app from there and then I managed to subscribe through the app.

Thanks to everyone for your help. 😁