Payment not working / account connection

Wow. Its been a long time since i’ve been on here.

I’m back. So, just about to purchase IF Pro and when i log into my account via IFC, i dont get an option to subscribe. When i back out, it does allow me to pay for the sub however does this auto link the sub to my IFC IF account. I dont wanna pay for the sub for it to not link to my account. Thanks in advance

ok as I understand it , you are LOGGED in to your account , but it doesnt show you the option to subscribe??

yes sir i log in to my account, but no option to subscribe once logged in

alright bare with me, so when you are logged tap on fly online and tell me what does it say

1 minute please sir

It worked now i have subnscription on my account. But im grade 1 :(. i should be grade 3

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yeah that’s because you left, for you to reach grade 3 you need to have a certain number of landings in the last 90 days, its a short number of landings so with a little bit of pattern work you should be in the expert server, welcome back!!!

any additional questions you have , my PM is open!!!

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