Payment live mode

I have a question about the payment issue.

I am not very good at English. Please understand.
Yesterday I bought the live mode 1 month.
But when i connect to the game there is no purchase history.
Are there are any problems? What is the solution?

Has the payment gone through your end? Check your bank statement. It may have failed to process and you shouldn’t have been charged. Try reinstalling the app, your purchase will remain valid. If that doesn’t work. Contact one of the developers.

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This usually happens when one jailbreaks their phone and gets Live mode for free and then chooses to pay for it. Either that or when someone buys it with one email, then changes the email they used on the app. Hope this made sense and helped!

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My cell phone did not break out. Applications also purchased normally.This is the account to use my own.

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If you would like, I can get you in contact with a developer for you! We will fix this, one way or another!


Depending on the device and if there are any customizations or modifications you should only need to sign into your Live subscription via whichever Facebook or GooglePlus account was used to activate it. A very common issue is when folks hinestly just forget which credential was originally used and try to log in with the wrong one. Try alternate Facebook or GooglePlus accounts until the correct one is accepted.

If the issue becomes unresolvable on your end please contact and click on “contact support”. Open a ticket with device make, model and firmware version.
Also be sure to provide the user name and attach the subscription purchase email receipt from your store to that same ticket.

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