Payment from Russian users

Hi. After 14 Feb Russian users lost their ability to pay via “Apple pay”. But for example we have “QIWI” where we can pay to other games, subscriptions, TV etc.
So maybe IF developers or somebody from there could make an alternative way to pay for subscription from RU users? Or maybe nobody even doesn’t care about it?..

Unfortunately, using third-party payment services is against the App Store policies for Developers, making the only way to pay through Apple unfortunately. It sucks, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. Other services have gotten around this by requiring people to subscribe online and login on their devices, however it’s a complicated way to do it and likely would get little/no use.

We can download for example Twitch and pay for the subscription via PC on other website.
I can download steam on my phone and pc and pay via “QIWI” on both devices. So it doesn’t against Apple rules or something like that.

That’s probably the simplest way right now, however complicated to setup and likely not going to be used.

That, i’m unsure of. It’s likely a result of a deal between Apple and Valve, however I do know Apple does allow third-party purchases in some parts of the world, but considering how much Apple takes from those transactions, doesn’t make it worth switching to third-party transactions.

If you have an iOS device, you can still purchase a subscription through your Beeline or MTS phone number.

I know about this method, but I don’t have that specific phone number.

We don’t have any plans at this point setting up any additional payment services. There’s a lot more that comes with doing that than just flipping a switch. Sorry!

Android → Google Play has different solutions but iOS has strict restrictions.🤫

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