Payment error

So I’ve recently bought infinte flight and I was going to buy the pro version but it wouldn’t let me. It always gave me “payment unsuccessful” message. I have the newest version and my phone is new. I don’t know what’s the problem here.

Hello @LiLi!

There can be a vast number of things causing this. The payment method you have selected may not allow subscriptions, insufficient funds etc etc.

But let’s start with this;
Are you on Android or iOS?


I have android.

Then i would start here:

I’ve contacted the bank and I followed all instructions. It still wont work for me.

Then the next option would be to contact Google, as Play Store is rejecting your payment. We can’t do much in this case I’m afraid.

Either you’re card has insufficient funds, or as noted by @schyllberg, the Google Play Store is rejecting your account for another reason. If you’re not sure about your account balance, you can either check your balance online, or on an app, or if you’re using a parent/guardian debit card, then talk to them. If you’re using your own and are underage, (I think 16/18), you can phone the bank, and they’ll ask you questions that you’ll find all on your card. You may be asked other questions such as address and personal information. Do remember that Infinite Flight’s subscription doesn’t include VAT (Tax), so a certain percentage of that is added. I hope your issue is fixed.

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