Payment does not work

I cant seem to pay 10$ for another month even though i have 10$ in my apple account

I don’t believe the $10 includes tax, so it won’t be $10 exactly.

Cancel your subscription and try to pay the $10. Try that.

How though

It ended today , i have no sub at the moment

You may have to do it manually. However, when you purchase a new subscription, it will tie that to a brand new account, with no stats at all. No worries, just ask @schyllberg and he’ll be able to move the subscription over to your main account, and terminate the new one that was created when the subscription was purchased. He’ll just need your display name and callsign.

Most likely not. Apple is less problematic about this than Android.

Oh, I thought it did that automatically. My bad laughs sheepishly

Again, the most probable reason it’s not working is because of “sales tax.” The subscription is listed as $9.99, which does not include tax. When you actually purchase the subscription, it’s going to be a little more than $9.99 depending on where you live. So, if you have exact $10 on your App Store card, it won’t purchase the subscription since your funds are insufficient by a few cents.

Just to get some clarification here;

Exactly what error message are you receiving when trying to purchase a subscription?

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Insufficient credit but i have over 10$ , does IF take taxes?

We don’t, but the store might depending on where you’re located.

United states?

Then yes, most likely. Rate depends on state.

But I have paid exactly 10$ before with my united states account

I can’t answer that I’m afraid. As you’re getting this error from App Store, the best option is to consult them. Taxes change… could be that simple :)

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App Store issue.