Paying for Live using Paypal

Hey guys,…
So I wish it I can pay for live through Paypal, it’s became one of the really popular methods to pay, it’s so simple! You just log in to an Account, and then click on pay, isn’t it easy? And it’s also very safe!

Many people will say “You can use PayPal to get a Gift card through Google/Apple store” but I won’t because:-

  1. It’s not available yet in many countries
  2. Part of the money you pay through the store goes to Apple/Google and paying through their website will guarantee that I fully Support them.

Share your opinions

fortunately, you can already do this on android
just connect your paypal to your google account and voila

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Not Available in Many countries (Including mine)


in that case, i don’t think that’s upto fds and its paypal to make that decision

correct me if im wrong


Sounds like it will be better than APP store

Apple and google have to pay for keeping their app servers up as well… Yes they’re both multi-billion dollar corporations so I don’t imagine they have any financial issues but still… Some of the money taken from your purchase goes to their server upkeep, which makes sure that FDS can distribute their app.

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