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Recently Google has changed the rules of gift card using which leads that many players can’t use gift cards to buy PRO. Using Google gift card is one of the most common way for Chinese users of IF to get PRO. I wonder if there’s another way to pay to get PRO besides gift cards for Android users.



As a Chinese user here, I know that it is difficult for you to pay for Infinite Flight Sub via Google. Unfortunately, this is not an Infinite Flight issues, you should contact Google for more information. Thanks

I live in the Caribbean and i have the same problem :(

You have several ways to subscribe Infinite Flight

These two ways need Bank Card

  • Add a credit Card or debit card to pay
  • Use PayPal, add a bank card to PayPal

  • Change to iOS :/

Quick recommendation go and buy one of those prepaid visa debit gift cards and plug it into your phone and buy your sub. Super easy and bypasses the need to get a Google play gift card.

That should work 100% without problems.

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@XuanyanYe have already provided an accurate answer. No need for me to get involved :)


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