Pay For ATC?

Good evening!

Here I am again. I just looked into IFATC and the FAQ, but unfortunately I didn’t see the answer to my question.

I’d like to know if an active IFATC still has to pay for the Infinite Flight Pro subscription, or if it is paid by Infinite Flight.

Thanks for your help!

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We’re peasants that have to pay like everyone else :)

IFATC is made up of volunteers


Alright. Thanks for your clear answer!


Fair question, and you’ve got your answer.

In my dreams, as long standing and old (👴🏼) IFATC I see myself being just slightly taller than everyone else. People would look at me, and whisper: “look, a real IFATC; he’s a controller in Infinite Flight. He can report people if he wants. This is the first time I see one in real life”. Rather than paying for my subscription, I would be paid a modest salary. And as Supervisor, the bonus isn’t to be sneezed at. And then there’s the free t-shirts of course. The company car would have only a small, neat IFATC logo on it. Random people would wave and greet me, many send me Christmas card and invite me to dinner.

Anyway, just woke up. Let’s open an airport somewhere and get to work…😊


Technically we don’t just volunteer. We pay to volunteer…😂


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