Pay attention to small details! (Part 2) THANK YOU Infinite Flight!

That just implying that he is opening multiple topics for the sole purpose of gaining likes and community activity - which is not what this community is about.

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That is a great point. Although I wonder if this idea could be modified to make it so that other members could be able to share their own “small ideas” , the title perfectly fits that imo and once one part ends a new one could be posted with the op adding what they find. Just my thoughts


if this was reddit I’d give you gold haha

anyways I feel it’s best to get back on topic. I personally never knew IF patched that issue, it always bugged me lol. Pretty cool find


Dude, this thread turned into an argument. Really? Let’s act a bit more mature. Comment on the actual topic.

You know I found the perfect solution
Make this a thread like they said where all parts are in that series thread but with one thing edit the original post with like bookmarks of each part like reply 53 is where part 2 is and 87 is where part 5 is


Parts… why?