Pay attention to small details! (Part 1)

Hi and welcome to a new series of mine: Pay attention to small details.

This is only on the Boeing 757-200
Did you know: There are IFE screens inside the passanger cabin, that show “Welcome Aboard, Enjoy your flight”.
BUT if you set a Flight Plan you actually have the Destination, time and KM remaining? Here is an example:

Hope you learned something new today!


Wow, that’s look awesome. I have flown this aircraft and never knew that it had that information on the small screens haha

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Haha! But these info are only visibile for you, if you use free view from another aircrft it will show the default message

Also if you notice theres almost a Pepsi can in almost every aircraft.

For some odd reason idk why

Prob cause Dan loves Pepsi idk why


Strange boi indeed. To each his own.
Also your pfp is just 👌

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tysm lol urs too

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That’s actually really cool

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Something I realised on IF’s best aircraft (757-200) is that when you switch on the APU, the order in which the alarms turn on and off is random, you will not get 2 flights with the same alarm test sequence.

Proper attention to details ladies and gents !


That’s mostly on our older models that probably pre-dates Dans birth 🙃


Not a little one but it’s so cool

On Air Force, it says “Welcome Aboard Madam Vice President” 🇺🇸


If you flash your landing lights 3 times it will turn the parking guide into a mini game

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I knew that one

Another small detail is flying an A350 at FL430, a small game appears when you are in the jumpseat towards your right side screen

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Very nice 👌

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Now try it on the US Air Force livery :)