Pay-As-You-Go? mainly for discussion :D

Okay, I know that this probably won’t happen in Infinite Flight for a number of reasons. However, I thought it might be nice just to throw this idea out there. (I hope this isn’t a duplicate.)
Feel free everyone to share your ideas on this approach. I don’t necessarily intend for IF to implement this, but I thought it might be nice to discuss the pros and cons of a system like this.

Often times I find myself never flying to regions like Antartica or central Russia. Should I still get charged for these areas that I never fly to?
What if you were automatically charged every time you flew through a “region”? These regions might be similar in size to those of pre-global. The prices for different regions might vary depending on their popularity. (For example, KLAX might be slightly more expensive than an airport in Greenland.)
It might change how much it charges depending on how long you fly in the region.
The system will not charge for any time the aircraft is stationary on the ground.

So what do you all think? Is there anything I should add/change? Feel free to discuss ways to improve this system and ways in which this system will/won’t work.


8/15/18 With the current prices of Global being pretty high for some, maybe this plan might seem more inviting for those people?

8/15/2018 The App Store doesn’t allow this type of charging to be executed at the moment.

Thanks, and happy flying!

It is a pretty good idea, but I don’t see it happening, with most people happy with Global and that IF wanted to move away from lots of in-app purchases. Would be interesting though

What if you’re flying over that parts? Is the quality then very low or?

No, the quality will remain the same. It’s just you won’t be charged unless you do fly over those parts.

This is not going to happen in the near future. One hinderance (logistical issues aside) is the pricing models of the app stores which do not allow for this form of pricing.


We’ll see what the mods say, but I don’t think this topic belongs here.