Pay-As-You-Go? (discussion of why it's not a great idea)

sigh I was just looking for a nice discussion to happen, that’s all.
Maybe instead I should make the topic about the positives and negatives of the current system.

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I’ll sum up all of my negatives about this system:

  1. It’s too complicated, how would FDS explain this to pilots?
  2. How would they define the regions clearly for pilots?
  3. How would they determine pricing? Some pilots might misuse this system in that way.

That’s all I’m going to put, but now it’s you all’s turn!

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Since we stream scenery, we’d still have to provide and maintain server infrastructure for users who fly less


Look, I have nothing against you, or your idea. I just think it could do with a bit more thinking through and that in the current form (of the idea) it isn’t a viable business model unless everyone flys enough for the servers to stay running.


Ok guys, I’m going to edit this topic, standby

Why FSD must not add it:

  1. You must take the indirect route;
  2. Global won’t be global anymore.
  3. Too complicated (with all the planes you can buy, global and regions)

Ok guys, the topic’s been updated, go ahead and refresh the page and read the page again!

This is an interesting idea, and I think it hits on a high importance topic for FDS. Looking at the app store reviews, there are definitely lost customers due to the high price tag of pro. At the same time, there are definitely customers that would happily pay more (they have high consumer surplus). The current pricing structure is fairly “lumpy” with relatively few tiers (e.g. all length of subscription for pro) and a high degree of bundling (e.g. everything unlocked once you buy pro) that is concentrated at the premium end, which could be a sign it is inefficient at capturing consumer surplus.

If that’s the case, a usage model like you have proposed is one option to enhance the efficiency. The challenge is these models are complex to engineer (in this case, code), difficult to optimize (very hard to refine exactly what the cost per hour / visit should be, leading to more changes as you refine, which frustrate the customer), and are also transparent in a way that often turns off the customer (i.e. they know there isn’t that much incremental cost to FDS to fly 10 hours vs. 5 hours, but they pay twice as much).

I would imagine over time we will see a shift towards more tiers of feature based pricing to smooth out the price curve. For example:

  1. Geography: Free for one continent (larger version of todays region), pay for individual additions, lower rate to unlock them all
  2. ATC Service: Free to fly on a server without ATC, pay more to unlock access to servers with ATC
  3. Aircraft: Some free, some individual purchase, premium option that unlcoks all aircraft and all future aircraft

The key will be diving into the analytics to see what really drives consumer behavior: Is there a flood of activity to new regions when better imagery is added? Or are most flights done on the continent / in the country that the users billing address is located? Is there a flood of activity toward new planes (answer seems to be yes)? Are people willing to pay more for ATC?

Once you know what is important to the consumer, you can derive tiers / bundles that map against that behavior and make the pricing more efficient. You can see FDS is already moving in this direction with the current offerings, but it will no doubt be refined as global matures as a product and more data is available.


Mate calm down. We’re not saying this is a terrible idea and it’s never going to work. We’re saying that it’s probably not a viable business model and if this was implemented it would ultimately lead to the demise of FDS.

Nothing against you personally but it seems to me as though you’ve thought of an idea and then people have found everything wrong with it in a constructive manner, and that you can’t really deal with that.



It’s gonna cut down FDS’ revenue so bad that they will have to raise subscription fee to the extent that you will have to pay the same amount you pay today - just for a single region…

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That’s a good idea, thanks for your thoughts.

I know, thanks for explaining.
What I meant was most people were talking about downsides, so instead of making people talk about everything about the system, we’re going to switch to talking about reasons IF won’t use this system and ways to improve it.

Sorry that this discussion took such a bad turn, everyone. My apologies :/


Just to clarify, because I know someone is going to take something out of context and post it somewhere else.

  • This is not a confirmed feature.
  • This is not even a rumored feature.
  • FDS has already removed the individual purchases for specific reasons
  • FDS has made no indication of changing anything like this.

Carry on with the discussion. Please keep it on topic and not turn into passive aggressive complaining.


Oh how i missed people yelling for a good reason

FDS has the best payment system I have ever seen, very simple, cheap, and high-quality service. Yearly and monthly plans are the way to go. Getting into regions is a step back to the stone age of pre-global in my opinion.

Best 10 bucks a month that I have ever spent! (Besides McDonald’s)


I agree with everything except the cheap part… 5900 bucks a year is too much imo, though this is Apple’s fault than FDS.

Pay for fuel to flight. Isn’t it funny?

And what do you want to make with people who don’t fly but control air traffic?

That’s actually a really good point, never thought about that. Awesome job
I’m out of likes :D but I’ll add it anyway.

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For a yearly subscription it’s only $79.99 (yearly subscription), the 1 month subscription is $119.88 per year, and the 6 month is $99.98 per year.

It is kind of expensive though when you consider XP11 has full detailed global scenery and a lot of 3D buildings and other scenery for $60. Not to mention weather, etc.
Luckily IF provides good multiplayer and ATC service! IF will always be the best for iOS and Android.