PAX prevents next flight from departing!

So A Spanish low cost Carrier Volotea
Was scheduled to depart from Bordeaux to Majorca.
Then the flight was delayed for 9 hrs due to mechanical issues and eventually was delayed to the next day.
The next day the next flight was supposed to depart but the flights pax from the previous day were still there and there was only one aircraft.There was a holding queue for both the flight from the previous day and the next flight.
A heated argument broke out and the passengers from the previous day actaully got the passengers scheduled for the flight after the delayed one to be prevented for boarding and departing,thus they would have to wait quite a while.
The argument got so heated that security was called in,

The flight finally departed at 11:30Am(29hrs late from scheduled departure)
It’s crazy that the airline did not bring in a spare aircraft in to resolve the issue.Also idk how I could survive 29hrs lol

What are your thoughts in this and do you think the pax from the delayed flight that prevented the pax from the next flight were right to do that?

  • It was fine to delay new passengers
  • It was not a good decision to delay new passengers

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That is self sencentered, rude and disruptive


I am kinda 50/50, I don’t agree with the handling by the passengers, but a the same time, it is a pretty jerky move to make them wait till a seat was available. But at the same time it was not the next days passengers fult…

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was it a bad decision? Yes. At least they could have wet leased an aircraft to operate the flights operated by the aircraft with the mechanical issue. Problem solved, and at a minimal cost

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