Pawa Dominicana



Great shots! What airport was this at?


If I am not mistaken those photos are from different sources and people. If so #real-world-aviation:spotting is not for that…

Here’s a great topic for how to use this category…

About the Spotting Category

If I have missed something and these are all your photos, I am deeply sorry…


I think hes asking what happened to the airline… Now thats another story… lol

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Ya, that’s what I was thinking. Those bottom two photos are from two different users if you look. If this is about the airline then IDK, but I do know it does not belong in #real-world-aviation:spotting

Are these your photos?

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Based on what I see I think it’s Santo Domingo

Are these your photos? Did you take them? @captainG

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Nope not mine I’m just guessing the airport


That’s what I thought, not his pictures…


As I suspected these do not appear to be your pictures, this is not what #real-world-aviation:spotting is for as I went over above. If this is about the airline, it belongs in #real-world-aviation, pleas only post your pictures in this category…