Pavement Issues

Device:iPhone X
Operating system:iOS 16
Infinite Flight 22.7

There is a pavement issue at Denver KDEN whenever I’m taxing in Cockpit view in a low to the ground aircraft E175 Crj 737 the pavement glitch at DEN but this doesn’t happen in high above ground aircraft 757,777,A330 I have attempted to restart the app and clear my scenery cash and It never fixes it I don’t know if it’s at other airports but it is always a problem at DEN


Hello! I’ve had this same issue at other airports. Try clearing your scenery cache and restarting your device. That worked for me!

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The user said above they have already tried that.

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Oh, sorry! I didn’t see that part.


This has happened to me as well, I found a way that worked for me was changing the views while the pavement has disappeared, the pavement came back again after that. Try that and see if it will work for you next time it happens. :)

I have found that to work sometimes but not Always

This is a recent know problem that Dan said in the newer update will have some issues so it will be fixed soon in the hotfix update

There’s two sets of issues:

  • Pavement is loaded and shows most of the time except when the cam is too low
  • Pavement doesn’t show in any view

Hotfix may fix 2nd issue but we have yet to find a for sure repro for it.

Are your settings all at max?


Happens at LAX as well

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