PAVA Brand Identity

Legacy Makes us Stronger

Pan American Virtual Airways is almost ready for approval, and I’m excited to unveil a segment of the new brand identity. I’ve chosen a bold blue that we think captures the spirit of Pan Am, while also looking modern and fresh.

Current Iteration:

  • Looks great
  • Needs work (color)
  • Needs work (typeface)
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I feel as though, while the typface certainly sets the Virtual Airline apart, it may work against you. As you say, the typeface is supposed to be childish, though this sort of typeface can be seen as though a child, or to put it otherwise, someone underqualified or unqualified is attempting to create and run Pan American Virtual. Such an look could turn people away at a glance.

A company’s logo, and therefore branding, has to sucessfully communicate an immediate link of confidence within the consumer, or in our case: Infinite Flight Community’s members. It has to be able to fall in line with what you’re after, while ensuring you have the front appearance to draw people in at a glance. This is vital given the attention spans of the everyday audience, not to mention to vast amount of competition you’ll have starting out.

If I were to suggest anything, it would be to either bring the typeface in line with ‘the norm’ for marketing as one could put it. Or, it would be to find the typeface Pan American used back in the day, and use that.

However, if the “sloppy” typeface is set in stone. I would maybe invert the colouring of “legacy” - black lettering, white background. Or better yet: blue lettering, white background.

I like it. It’s ambitious. As is running any VA at any point in time. Best of luck and most importantly, have fun!


Good one! The logo looks stunning! Maybe a little more work? I’m setting up my own airline and I know how hard it is to do everything, good work though!

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Sort of adding on to this, a company’s font gives your subconscious brain a lot of information about the company.

For example, I might trust a heart surgeon with a super modern font more, as it seems “cleaner” or “crisper” than I would a surgeon with a more “sloppy” handwriting font, even if they have the same training and are top surgeons. It’s all about the cues our brains pick up.


The typeface deviates from the ‘retro’ feel for me.

Something like Cooper or the actual Pan Am font would probably work better.


First iteration

After reviewing your comment, I have switched to a thick sans serif typeface, which was commonly used in this time period. I have also kept the black highlight to draw attention to the goal of Pan American Virtual, the legacy that makes us strong. I still plan on improving it but I am already liking the results. Thank you again.

Removed from brand identity


Ten char


I don’t, and would never mean those comments to actually reflect my opinions/thoughts on a person or their leadership. 😂

Logo’s looking great! The typeface fits with the modernised (I suppose) logo which makes everything looks a lot cleaner.


I know, but my comment was a joke


You’re right, Adam. I can see how the typeface could be interpreted as childish. Pan American Virtual is going for a more sophisticated look, so we’ll need to find a different typeface.

FYI, this is not the full brandmark, which will be revealed soon. This yellow information bar is a design idea that I tried but I don’t like it as it doesn’t make sense to me.

Iteration 2

I’m testing this new chunky Geometric Sans Serif and I’m really liking it. I think it’s my favorite so far, but I’m open to feedback.


Keep trying man! You’ll get there eventually! Believe!

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It’ll click, I think i’m getting it though.

Hmm. In my opinion, the color and logos look great! However, I’m personally not a fan of the word ‘legacy’ because of how it’s highlighted in the black. It’s a little distracting from the logo, and looks as though someone is selecting it to copy and paste. Maybe try italicizing the word legacy instead of highlighting it. Otherwise, I think it’s coming along really well. Keep up the awesome work! (also I am more of a fan of the phrase ‘carry the legacy’ better than the other one)


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll definitely have to try that out.

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You guys have been posting a lot of WIP stuff for this VA lol


Eh, feedback defnietly helps! Let us know if you wanna learn more!

Look forward to seeing it!

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Yea, sorry about that lads

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It’s been long in the works!

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