Pausing the game but the flight continues

It seems when pausing the game the flight continues. It also appears the flight continued when closing (minimizing) the app. (iPhone 6). Is this an effort to keep the sim realistic ? – a pilot can’t leave the flight in the midst of things. In light of this, it is best to “end flight” instead of pausing and minimizing the game?

If you’re talking about pausing in live, this is supposed to happen. You’re in an online environment and you can’t technically “pause” an online game

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You’ll have to turn auto pilot on and pause the game (if you go to another app/the home screen you may have to start all over again)

As I suspected. Thanks for the reply

This is good for the realistic factor, sometimes it gets annoying but it makes the sim feel real.

You don’t want planes stopped or disappearing mid-air :-)

Hello fellow flight simmers,

My problem is slightly different.

I play IF on my smartphone. I know, that’s questionable. Anyways, when pausing the game to make a call, the sim time appears NOT to stop. I mean, aircraft location does not change, plane doesn’t move anywhere from point of pause (till unpause). But the sim time keeps ticking.

Realized all this while flying solo and matching the data with simbrief plan.

Reckon this might be a bug?