Paused without any reason when I am flying long distance flight

Hello,everyone.I’ve got a question here.Yesterday,I’m flying from zbaa-klax.It’s a long distance flight,after take off, I turn on A/P and go to sleep.It’s in mid night,I don’t know what happening,this mroning,I got up,and found it still here and it paused,is anyone here can explain it?

I’ve had that sometimes, are you sure you had no battery warnings? Does your charger play up sometimes?

Are you sure you were not flying on any online server? You could have mistaken any Solo server from Live Servers I guess. Your flight should not pause mid flight.

Yes,I’m sure I’m online

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I had a messed up charger on mine and it normally scrolled by itself or pressed buttons on its own

Is it on the Paused screen?

No,there is nothing wrong with battery

Yes,but I don’t touch it.It paused by itself

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Pausing on the live servers doesn’t stop your aircraft in the middle of nowhere…

Was the display on your device turned off when you woke up?
What device were you using?
Was the device plugged in?

There could have been the possibility that someone called you, or you got a notification. Because you were sleeping to dismiss it, the flight may have not resumed

That is wierd. Your flight should continue even if your flight pauses. You will only be disconnected through live but you should still be flying?

Have you browsed through your replay file? Perhaps send the replay file to us or send any screenshots to what exactly happened?

The big question is what device are you on?

Some devices may go into the paused menu if there is an interruption of power it will go into paused mode. On my ipad when I plug it in it will go to paused menu. Sometimes system updates or background processes may trigger it.

Yeah, if you have a replay?

It’s still work.And I use IphoneX The plugged is in

Did you get any network disruptions that stopped you from flying?

iPhone interrupts are notorious for pausing applications… If you were on android I’d say to check your notification log.

The only thing I can suggest is perhaps to mute all notifications so there is no reason for your flight to be interrupted.

I have an iPhone 6 running IF, when I plug it in it just warns you with a sound that it’s charging, only it will pause if I get battery warnings, storage warnings or iCloud password requests

replay can only saw what in flight


I have a second device that doesn’t have a connection except WiFi to fly long distance, but if I’m flying my primary i turn all notifications off and go into airplane mode (not even a pun).

This makes it to where just WiFi is on, and nothing else can interrupt. Sometimes notifications on the iPhone can cause a flight to pause. Just depends on the app or where it came from.

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