Hello, I don’t know how you guys doing, but I lost a lot of flights, simply because I paused them. After re-opening the app, everything that was going on was lost. If I have a flight that takes, let’s say, 5 hours, I can’t believe that I have to leave my iPad open all that time.
Is that normal. If no, what is the solution?

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The solution: don’t pause IF.
It doesn’t want it, doesn’t like and it doesn’t support it. You can expect all sorts of unpredictable behaviour when the IF app gets pushed back to the background for any length of time during a flight.

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When flying, you have to be using Infinite Flight when flying long-hauls. The “pause” button doesn’t pause a flight on Live (it’s a bit misleading) but it actually is just a “Menu” page.

So in order to complete long-haul flights, you have to keep Infinite Flight open and running as a primary app (cannot be open as a background app).

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Personally I just do all long hauls during the night so I don’t touch your phone 🤷🏼‍♀️ Welcome to the Community 👍🏻


Ben if my friend your mobile should stay open all the time of your flight and ensure you in addition to having enough battery and good internet coverage to avoid interruption and if its are too long cuts ending hastily your flight, therefore, to the loss of your data.
the best for the long flight is to schedule them at night and calculate the time needed to recover your flight on time to organize the descent until you arrive at the destination airport.
There are no other solutions. Moreover, it would be interesting for the game to program 12-hour flights, for example, which would last only half as long or less.

I’ve been able to leave to watch YouTube or do some other internet required app and come back to my flight like 15-30 mins later. It just reconnects where I left off

You do have to keep your device open and on IF, or you can run into some issues like you have experienced, but no worries, the XP you gained from those flights you didn’t lose, as the XP gets added as soon as you get it:) But leaving your device on for 5 hours with the proper settings, won’t hurt your battery, as soon as you get to cruise lower your settings to the lowest and turn AA off, and reduce the screen brightness and turn the volume off, that will prevent overheating, unnecessary battery drain/damage. :) Hope my tips help on a future flight of yours

So, when a flight takes 10 hours, the iPad is not available during that time…?

Correct when you are doing a flight you must remain in the app the whole time.

The app must remain open and on your screen the entire duration of the flight. It will not continue to operate if put into the background.

You can put the app in the background for very short periods of time (I would recommend no more than 30 to a minute, any longer and you run the risk of the app restarting on its own or staying disconnected from the live servers [I have had both happen to me]) to adjust #thirdparty apps such as IFAssistant. But it is important to add that you must NOT put it in the background while communicating with ATC.

The game will only run and the plane will only fly if the app is open as the primary app. You can do something else while you fly, just make sure to plug in your device!

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