Pause mode issue

Noticed that when in flight, if you hit “Pause”, sim freezes to the point it is not possible to continue (buttons are unsvailable)

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try restarting your device and maybe reinstalling the app if the restart doesn’t work.

By the way, are you pausing on solo or live?

I’ve paused a few times now under my 13hr flight without any issues.

What device are you using?


When I wanted to into the menu To check my fuel this happened, it has passed to me 3 times, thanks


Try to refresh your device and try again. This shouldn’t be happening.

Your device might be just scraping the requirements

Hello! I am using a 5th gen iPad which can easily handle IF on it’s highest setting. I had this same problem, but found refreshing the app and restarting my iPad does the trick.

Hope this helps

On a side note, anyone that happens to look at this comment, I recommend tinkering with the app or your device a couple times before creating a support topic on here. I have had many problems so far, but I find testing and fixing problems on my own usually will fix it.

Why would you think so, it’s a brand new IPad 2017

Just had this happen. It happens on Solo and offline it seems. The only thing you can do is restart the app sorry.

He didn’t specify the device in the original post. Sorry for the inconvenience

It’s okay, thanks for understanding

this happens to me occasionaly, I just restart the game