Pause mid flight *Long haul*

I was doing an overnight flight Lufthansa A380 from Dubai to Paris and I let my plane get to cruising altitude and checked everything was correct like speed and fuel etc. Before I left the device to go to sleep

I put my IOS device on silent and do not disturb but somehow. I woke up today to realise that my IF game had the paused screen. I don’t know why this happened. I think it was a notification that stopped it. What do I do to make sure my game doesn’t pause overnight.

Could any mods look @ my data from the flight.

I was on casual sever. Callsign-BAVA129
display name- Jack BAVA

i had max fuel which may be the reason why!


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I get this too sometimes. Obviously if it’s on a live server it isn’t really a problem. If it was on solo then it is a problem. I don’t know why this happens.

It’s so annoying. I left my device last night at 2200z. Came to it today at 0830z. That should be roughly 10 hours. But the flight time clock in the status bar said only 3 hours!

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My phone did that last night it a just quit the game I was so pissed 😤

It is especially annoying

Could any mods help me in looking at the data??

Hey Jack,
You can’t pause mid flight on a live server. Your flight should continue even if the game pauses. You can only pause your game on a solo flight.
But, since your flight ‘paused’ during mid-flight then there are possible reasons.

  1. Your device must have crashed or froze after a notification came up or any other valid reason.

  2. You may have mistaken between a live and a solo server.

Correct me if I am wrong somewhere… I hope this should help.


It was on casual sever

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