Pause Menu Problem

Hi, I recently rooted my phone and now have this problem with IF. Whenever in flight, the app will suddenly go into the pause menu even without me tapping it. Has anyone had any issues similar to this? Hopefully someone can solve this? :)

I once rooted my tab n installed an os…usually there is a bootloader option in settings somewhere which might Help…tho I’m not very sure…it worked for me

why would you root your phone??? It could seroiuslly damage your device

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There is lots of advantages to doing it. I’ve done it myself a couple times, once or twice didn’t go well. Let’s say my phone was like a brick 😂

Ive have a rooted phone and I have to say, there are many risks with doing it.

Were you in anyway trying to hack infinite flight? Cus u cant

Bruh, I’m not that desperate.
I just needed a screen recorder.

IOS or android?

Only androids can be rooted my friend

Maybe he means jailbreak, sometimes people use the wrong term because they have a similar meaning. But as there are some major difference, it is also better to know if it is rooted or jailbreak.

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Dude, I am the one who asked about this, I know whether I rooted it or jailbroken it -.-


Sorry, my mistake. I was flying (being a careless pilot) and typing at the same time. Sorry again, I should have pay more attention.

How could you do that… I’m utterly disappointed in you.

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Rooted or Jailbroken devices are not supported.