Paulscottrobson's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ LFPG [IFATC Written Passed]

Airport: LFPG Paris CDG training server
Date & Time: 15 Aug 19:20Z
Session Length: 90 min, will stay on for incoming/outgoing
Frequencies : Tower and Ground
Runways: 26L 26R 27L 27R
Weather: CAVOK
Hi, I’m Paul and I’m working towards IFATC. I’ve passed the written test and I’m looking to identify weak areas for training and practice for the Practical. I’ve got about 2300 ATC operations, but need practice on patterns/sequencing (and probably everything else !)

UK based, but open to suggestions for airports worldwide. Ideally a couple of parallel runways or an intersecting pair, but willing to try anything, (If you end up on a go around at VNLK as a result … don’t blame me :-) )

All feedback welcomed especially corrections and suggestions for improvements, either here or PM me if you like.


Many thanks to everyone who flew in or out (or both) !

Opening Paris CDG tonight for a couple of hours 2000Z-2200Z. If anyone is scheduled to arrive, or is departing not too long after that I will try to stay open.

All welcome, all feedback gratefully received.

Not me, so can’t say whether it is anything to do with IFATC, so no feedback required obviously.

Thanks to those who came …

Well … that was mayhem ! Thanks to those who flew in.

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Hello there, pls tag me in your next session

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