PaulJ’s ATC Tracking Thread - [ CLOSED ] @ EIDW

Hey y’all, My name is Paul, I recently passed my IFATC practical!

To ensure the highest quality for pilots in the future, I am doing my best to get as much practice controlling before I begin to take on larger & busier airports. I () am hoping to get some experience with the Aviators on the Expert Server.


I will be operating the Ground and Tower (local) frequencies on Expert Server.

  • I am hoping to do some work on pattern entries and exits, transitions, in addition to typical runway changes and sequencing. Suggested routes are EIDW to EINN or EIDW to EGLL and of course EIDW to EGPH.

Side note- Please be patient as I am still learning tricks to make my service as efficient and effective as possible, and remember: Professionalism is the Standard.


@Delta21 thanks for joining :)

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No problem anytime

What would you like me to do to help you out fly in patterns and do a bunch of landing

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runway change, exit the pattern and we can conduct a re-entry, and some progressive taxi stuff maybe? im happy to do whatever you’d like, if you would rather start at KSDL it’d be a bit closer, not that it matters in the f-16 haha

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Okay I will do a takeoff make a right then request a landing takeoff again and then request a new landing

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Need another pilot? I’d like to stop by :)


that’d be great, thanks dude

yes please!

Yep anytime

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Sorry about that, I forgot to put AP on lol. I’ll respawn

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no worries haha

do you care if I change you to runway 25L after a couple laps in the pattern?

I forgot to clear you to land haha my bad

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Hello! I will stop by for a couple of patterns.

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I’m going to come back again for a transition

ok, sounds good

sweet! thanks so much for stopping by!

Feedback (N33AM):

  • There is no need for “extend downwind”, “turn base”, or speed commands in this situation since you sequenced me. Sequencing does it all, since I know who I’m following.

  • Your clearances were late, try to make your clearances more on early-mid downwind rather than on final.

  • You had early exit runway commands, they should be at around 70 knots when the aircraft reaches a safe speed.

You seem to run patterns well! Basically, you can make it way less complicated by just using sequencing, instead of all of those other commands (unless absolutely needed). And remember about the exit runway commands, do it at around 70 knots. Tag me when you open next please. Great job :)


Feedback N1RG

-Nice job on the transition

  • nice pattern entry
    -nice first pattern
  • on my second pattern you were dealt with an upwind conflict. I did a touch and go on 25R and after takeoff I requested 25L. The way you did it worked. But ideally I’d say for pattern management you should have told me “extend upwind” and then when the conflict was clear give me a pattern entry for 25L, and so on. If you can, keeping the traffic to one DW will really help your workload.
  • nice runway exit too.

Overall, nice job and keep up the good work! Thanks for the service! Take care!



I had fun helping you out great job and keep up the great work and hope you pass the ATC test best of luck

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