Paul Allen just rolled out the world’s largest airplane

Amazing. The things that go on inside Burt Rutan’s head…

Wow, that looks creepy. At least it doesn’t have 8 engines. I feel like those double fuselage designs are becoming more popular.

If I recall right, one of early concept for A380 was double fuselage of A340. What’s wrong with 8 engines? B-52 and Spruce goose has 8 engines and they look awesome. 🙂

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I heard there was a joke in the Air Force when an engine fails they call in mayday and the controller or other aircraft would just say " you got 7 more!"

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Oh god…
That will be a hell of a ride… they will never be able to communicate nor line up with taxiways or runways.

That would just be overkill for this aircraft. But it’s really interesting the A380 may have been a double fuselage design. Wouldn’t that be less efficient?

NO! The design for this aircraft is impractical and rather silly, it would be good at air dropping another aircraft though.

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