I’m not quite sure about a thing after I watched The Perfect ATC test.

-Pattern work
-Right Traffic

When I clear the first person to takeoff, do I need to give him pattern instruction (assuming that he’s first)
-For instance: Number 1, enter right downwind , then clear him to land? Or do I just clear him for takeoff, then once he’s on right downwind or so, I can clear him for landing?

Thank you.

If they are #1, simply clear for the option. I usually give the direction for the first pattern.

If they are #2,3,4, etc then they need a sequence (not a pattern entry). “#2 traffic to follow is on left downwind”.

Any time you change runways, consider it as a new plane and give a pattern entry with sequence and clearance.


There’s more videos about pattern work and sequencing on YouTube. Look for Infinite Flight ATC and you’ll see a playlist. Then, I would recommended watching all the videos once or twice. But to anwser your question, when an aircraft departs from the airport you’re controlling, and they requested to remain in the pattern, you don’t give ANY pattern work instruction. On the other hand, if an aircraft is inbound, you give them pattern work. If there’s more than one aircraft landing at your airport, you sequence. Finally, when the aircraft is on final (for inbound aircraft, that requested to land) you tell them cleared to land. If the aircraft was remaining in the pattern you would say, “Cleared for the option” when they’re on downwind. If you don’t understand most of this you should understand once you watch the videos.


Alright got it, thank you both it answers my questions.
Thank you!

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