Patterns @YMLT with Azeeuwnl and Adam

  1. @azeeuwnl Adam Callow and I decided to pay a visit to @DimitriB controlling YMLT

  2. Expert Server

Adam doing another T&G while I taxi to 32L

Adam coming in for a touch and go while I hold short

Adam coming in for a low pass for runway 01 as I wait to takeoff

Adam making a sharp turn for landing

Azeeuwnl on downwind in his Spitfire

Thanks for viewing my topic!


Looked like y’all had a great time! The Dash is a seriously underused aircraft, I wish it got more attention. 😊

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IKR wish more people used it. Glad you liked them

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Stunning photos, thank you for coming Saharsh!

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Glad you liked them! Thanks for the ATC

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