Patterns - Saturday Night @EGUL-080130ZFEB20

icons8-fighter-jet-48 Every Saturday night, I’ll start a new series called Saturday Night Patterns. Simple event just do patterns untill your done sinple way of improving you flight skills.

Saturday Night Patterns @EGUL

Server: Expert

Airport: EGUL

Time: 0130z
2020-02-09T01:30:00Z - 2020-02-09T02:30:00Z


In ATC region


( If you can be ATC Thank You! So Much!)


  • Spitfire
  • P-38
  • F-22
  • F-14
  • F16C
  • A-10

Thank You & Welcome To My Seriesicons8-fighter-jet-48


icons8-fighter-jet-48 Sign Up Format:

  • @IFC Name
  • Aircraft

Very Simple :)

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Why? Sign Up! Because this will make your flight skills in top shape! Aircraft awareness with lots in the area. Just a fun time to chill! :)

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Changed time!

1h before!

Just a bit over 24hrs till the event. Why not join?

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Hey @ThomasThePro, It’s a shame this event hasn’t got the love it deserves. You’ll most likely see me attend but I’ll let you know closer to the time.


Oh thank you first person yay! ❤ Hope you can join! ;)

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Event Day! 10hrs left!

If anyone want to be ATC pm if wish 😀!

1.30h away!!!

@TRDubh joining?

Nope, received a ghost this morning therefore I can’t join.

Ah man! Sorry about it! :(

I might be able to come

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Do we have to do it in those aircraft, because I just want to practice with larger aircraft

That cool.

I’ll spawn now! ;) @Cpt_Zorndy

Event Closed Nobody Showed Up :(


Aw that really stinks. I was hoping to come since I’m available for the next 27 minutes arranged for this event to continue until 0230Z! 😕

Everyone Next Post is Sunday Night American Time. If you wish To Come Please Sign Up!

Mod can close this now :)

I’m so sorry I forgot about this, it’s really sad how this event doesn’t have anyone interested in it, ill sign up instantly next time

Wait can I still come?

It ended 7 hours ago…