Patterns in Norway (1,000,000XP flight)

Touch & go’s in Norway mark 1,000,000XP

Expert Server
Calm winds


Congrats!! 1M XP is a very long way. Happy to hear that you’ve made it so far :D

I myself am still hunting for that 3.5M XP, still got some 200,000 left…


To reach 1 million xp?

Wow I’m only at around 292000 xp

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Thank you! Wow, keep going and you’ll reach your mark sooner than you think :D

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Thanks, I hope to reach it someday :)

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Ohh hei :D

Well I started using multiplayer the day it got released and it’s finally now I reached a million. I’ve done some long hauls but for the most time I’m doing 1 to 4 hours flights in the B737-8. It’s almost the only aircraft I use <3

In addition, I remember all the time I could use on this simulator some years ago, but once you get older that time gets reduced.

Nice! Welcome to the club Jonas

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Tusen Takk André 🇳🇴 😊

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