Patterns at WIII in a TBM

Today I decided to do patterns at one of the featured airports, WIII. From A359’s to MD11’s, it was quite busy. I decided to experiment a bit more with the editing on my screenshots so let me know what you think! I did the patterns on the expert server at 20:00Z. Without further ado, here’s the screenshots:

Holding short of Runway 25R


Joining downwind

Turning Base

Final for Runway 25R

Short Final for Runway 25R

Rouching down at -60FPM

Which screenshot is your favorite?

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I think some were a bit too dark or too light. But that’s me.
Further more, nice job on these

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Number 7 is amazing, I actually think the edits are pretty good! 👍🏽

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I really like the black and white ones, they’re awesome! The others, they’re over edited a little bit. (wow, I said that?) But overall, they’re great!

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