Pattern work tutorial

Since @BBJMAX had another post on pattern, I will teach you how to use it in infinite flight!

1: Check ATIS(If there is any)
1a: Request pushback if you are in a gate but if you are in the stand skip this step
2: Request taxi, taxi to that runway the controller told you to, the controllers knows what they’re doing so don’t worry
2a: Runway crossing. Hold short at the line before the runway and ask for permission to cross it
3: Change frequencys YOURSELF, contact tower and request takeoff with remaining in the pattern.
3a. Hold short means hold at the lines, line up and wait means get on the runway and align it with the centre line. Clear for takeoff means takeoff.
4: After taking off turn left or right depending on your situation of making left or right traffic
5: Report position once you are at downwind with touch and go or full stop
5a: Sequencing: Follow the aircraft. Just follow it and turn by yourself, no one will give you further informations on what to do except from the command extend downwind or I’ll call your base.
5b: Extend downwind is the command that controllers use to make aircraft to continue their downwind until you are sequenced behind an aircraft that’s further away from youLike after an aircraft just got handed over by approach I’d say
5c: I’ll call your base is similar to extend downwind, continue the downwind until the command turn base.
5d: Make a 360 for spacing, you turn your heading from current heading to your current heading+/-(+ is for right 360 - is for left 360) 180 degrees and then turn another 180 degrees back to your current heading.
6: If the controller haven’t give you the cleared to land permission ~3/4NM’s away report that you are on final. If you are cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports
7: Exit the runway with the commands that the controllers told you to. For this occasion, you can exit either way
8: Request taxi to parking, a gate or a stand
9: If this controller did a great job remember to thank him/her
Photo 1: Request pushback
Photo 2: Request Taxi
Photo 3: Line up and wait position
Photo 4: Cleared for takeoff
Photo 5: Right downwind
Photo 6: The aircraft that you’re told to follow
Photo 7&8: What the log should look like if you did that correctly

Shoutout to Jason Rosewell(J-bird 101) for being my ATC!

Thanks for looking at it!


Moved to tutorial for you good work.

Thanks bro!

I thought people already knew about this :O

Well some guys do left downwind while I said right traffic
Some guys turn base after I said I’ll call your base
Some guys don’t even know what does line up and wait mean
Some guys just turn base whenever they want even though they are sequenced behind an aircraft

Just a reminder for them

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Well this is for newbes who goes on the advanced server after FF @Rotate

Thanks @divebuddha

LOL! Some people do this for me too. It’s so annoying isn’t it!!? Which air cadet squadron are you in just wondering :P

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Lol my squadron is in Hong Kong so you don’t know xD @jooeball

@divebuddha I just got nothing to do in the morning so I just did that

Coming next is how to fly on the advanced server properly

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Will be done on Monday or if I have more time tomorow

Ohhh. Hahaha. Nice to meet an air cadet from a different country then :P

Indeed hahaha

What rank are you? Just wondering @Wren_Jago is also an air cadet incase you don’t know hahaha

Prefer not to say :PP

Lol ok your choice

Great tutorial Ian, will probably help many pilots :)

Hope it does @Samuel123abc

Flight sergeant here