Pattern Work : Touch & Go to Landing

Hi All,

When flying patterns and communicating with ATC I often come across the following.

  1. take off and cleared for pattern work by ATC. (Eg enter L downwind / clear for THE OPTION etc. number 1)

  2. then I do a few circuits always with similar clearance.

  3. now how do I INFORM about landing. As I have already been cleared for the option I am not asking for clearance. Just informing ATC that I’ll be landing.

Or do I just land and pull off runway. What happens if he wants me to exit a certain direct?


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The best way is to report position full stop, e.g. N479QT is on left downwind for runway 12, full stop.

This gives us (ATC) a heads up you will be on the runway longer than usual versus a touch and go so we can ensure the following aircraft leaves enough room.

That said this is not required. You are cleared for the option which means you can do a touch and go, a low pass, come to a full stop on the runway (my least favorite as a controller) and then depart again or stop and exit the runway.

The risk of not calling in full stop is we may have to tell the following aircraft to perform a go around which increases controller workload and is not ideal for the following aircraft.

Thanks for asking!


Couldn’t have explained better!

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