Pattern Work Server

Does anyone think there should be seperate server for pilots who want to do real life pattern work? Or maybe even just an event for pattern work?


Yes, if not, pattern work must not be allowed on active airports. I find that the only reason people do pattern work is when they increase their XP. Why not so it in your own space and not disturb incoming or departing planes.

I disagree with this…I’m all for realism. Segregating the “flights” if you will is not a realalistic idea. In real life flying pattern work is very common, and controllers just mix it in with the “system” having a whole new server wouldn’t be great in my opinion. It’s just more money for Matt for something as unnecessary as that.

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Can you explain what the problem with pattern work on other servers? If the controller doesn’t want it he has the option do deny it.


youre right, after all, the name of the other server is “free flight server”

You know what, forget my idea…lets hope global flight is coming in the near future!