Pattern work request ignored

ATC, question. I requested pattern work at an airport where ATIS had no pattern restrictions but request was ignored. After take off I was handed to approach. Why does this happen? Did I do something wrong?

Who was the controller?

Could you please let us know when this was and what airport? Or if you know the controller just let us know who it was. @Spartandefense

Controller and airport please?

I am not looking to call anyone out. Just curious on procedures

We may not be able to give you the best answer, as nobody but the controller knows the reason why this happened. If you want an answer for the specific situation, you should message the controller.

Generally, patterns will be denied if terrain prohibits aircraft from completing a proper circuit or traffic levels are too high. :)


Was your pattern request denied or did you receive a normal takeoff?

There could me multiple reasons why this happened:

  1. You had a flight plan going to another airport, and the ATC could have assumed you weren’t really planning to remain in the pattern
  2. The ATC could have been busy and made an error, and gave you a standard takeoff instruction.
  3. The ATC was planning to allow you to remain in the pattern, but he wanted his Radar controller to do you a radar pattern.

Take your pick 😊


Honestly if you get into a rhythm you can sometimes forget they were remaining in the pattern after taking off. That shouldn’t happen but it can. Almost always though you immediately remember once the pilot switches to the other frequency and then you just sit thinking about it till you close.


Most likely what had happened, did the radar controller vector you for an approach?

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I am guessing it was 2 or 3. Thanks for the reply.

Thank you all for the replies. So, my next question. So it is not unusual to be handed off to approach and then immediately request an approach to the airport from which you just left?

If the approach was informed by the tower controller that you’ve requested pattern work then no questions to you.

However, in case of pattern work restriction you may be denied and diversion should be expected.

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Thank you for the reply

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