Pattern work question?

What is the point of doing pattern work if someone could explain I would appreciate it thanks

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If you want to land at the same airport you took off from. This could be for touch and goes or you don’t want to head anywhere else.

I don’t get it still

It’s to practice landings and build time

Its mainly to gain experience in the aircraft and learn how to takeoff and land.

Real world-help with landings and familiarity of an airplane. Also sharpens up landings skills etc. On top of that, the FAA regulations require pilots to do 3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop for passenger currency every 90 days

Is it practicing skills of the aircraft

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Can you tell me the correct trim for the tbm for takeoff and landing plz

Than this needs to go into the general category

This is in Real world aviation category. We told you what the purpose of pattern work was in rl. To answer that question, speak with someone who flies the TBM IRL

Should I change category

Yes it belongs in the general category

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Ok thanks for letting me know what pattern work is

I changed it

Hold on now… are you talking about in real life or or IF?

Infinite flight

The I think it’s in #live

When flying the TBM, even in the pattern, I use 10% for takeoff and 30% for landing. It can be difficult to adjust it on the runway, but give it a try!

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@N1RG please don’t get too caught up about category. I’m sure if it needs to be switched someone will take care of it. Further discussion in PM please :)


Alright thanks

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