Pattern Work Question

Good Morning. I’m kinda slow in the brain so excuse this dumb question. When ground and tower tells a pilot no pattern work at this time…doesn’t that mean no touch and goes? And also do not take off from the airport and go around and land at the same airport?

I believe so. Did something happen while you were controlling?

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Yes I am currently controlling ground and tower at KSEA for 3 hours (and counting…on the Training Server) and broadcasted a message to all pilots on the ground frequency…no pattern work at this time…followed by…please file a flight plan before requesting taxi…so this grade 5…takes off from 16L then makes right traffic then calls my tower frequency saying they were on right downwind runway 16L…So I felt they did not follow my ATC instructions. Mind you, they did file a flight plan to another airport but did not follow thier flight plan.


This a pattern. You cannot do this. You can only takeoff and fly to other airports. Only aircraft that is inbound from another airport may go around. And go around is only performed if unable to land safely or ATC instructs.


Seems like a confused pilot. If its TS server, don’t expect much.

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Thank you @Yash_M. Plain and simple…I appreciate that. So the pilot didnt follow ATC instructions.

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And they couldn’t have been that confused being a grade 5…lol

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Grade 4 and 5, especially when on TS, are sometimes the worst! They THINK they know better than whoever the ATC is, which isnt always the case! Especially when we have a keen learning who asks the right question like you doing ATC!


Thank you @David_Lockwood. I appreciate it

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No it means, they are unable to guide you with pattern work like left base, left downwind or they are unable to guide your aircraft with either a specific heading and alt msl

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Speaking from expirence as an expirenced atc controller for IF


It means what it says it means, no pattern work.
I suggest you avoid spreading false information in the future.


ya isnt it to like pattern, or doesnt a pattern work mean like give u a pattern to help either decend you for approach or take off for depature

No it doesn’t.
You may call yourself experienced but it seems that someone taught you wrong. Which makes that experience useless.

You should have a look at the tutorial videos for ATC in #tutorials


I have, Ive looked at tylers atc approach video tutorial

This isn’t about approach. This is about how to handle people requesting pattern work when you’re busy on the Tower frequency.


Ok well thats how i was learned, Ill just re- evaluate the atc article and rewrite some of my notes, i dont want to argue here, thanks good day

Check all the videos all you’ll figure it out. Or contact any of the Trainers.

Lol, ok but ill have to get my trust level to basic right?

You should be there shortly.