Pattern Work now

Hi guys I am ATC at Sydney Kingsford Smith right now and want to practice my pattern work. Anyone who want’s to practice theirs come on in. I’ll be here for an hour.


I might be able to come on shortly (can’t guarantee it though). You want GA or some heavies?

Its all good.

thanks, I’m done for now. Will be back after tea

Just finished tea, about to get the little bathed then i’ll jump back into the hot seat at Sydney. Will make a call here before I do.

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@Snarling_Raven let us know I’ll come back to Sydney for a bit. Gonna go fly some U.S. Routes in the meantime

Always - Maybe the carribean, there’s a few advanced ATC on? 738

Yep, great approach controller for TNCM as well :)

@divebuddha ok I’ll come over to Canberra. QantasLink 717 playground

Thanks for flying at TNCM. // Flying High

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ok bath finished… sorry about the delay - we are a bit Roman when it comes to baths ;) And for the record, I’m in Japan.

well, well, Sydney is finally busy, about time. So I’m at Richmond, and open for pattern work.

closing in five mins