Pattern work not allowed

ATC normally doesnt allow pattern work in busy conditions, but are they supposed to allow it in non busy conditions? There were literally 3 planes in the air and the ATC did not allow pattern work

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Its always dependent on the controller, traffic, and weather depending.

I was also there at the time

The only reason if it wasn’t busy that the controller shouldn’t be allowing pattern work is if the conditions are VFR (below 3SM) or there is terrain blocking an aircraft from a standard traffic pattern.


It’s not about the weather

The best thing you guys can do for your inquiry is to message the controller in question. That’s how you’ll receive the most insightful and most accurate response.

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I was doing pattern work but suddenly ATIS banned

The controller at the time was @Hendrik

Well there ought to be a discrepancy between you and @realnickchan, because if you were there with him at the time, and if you were doing patterns and Nick wasn’t able to…either you weren’t there at the same time or some reason that Nick can PM the controller about.

Obviously, I was not at the location during the time, so I can’t explain what happened in full, but below you will find the IFATC Manual section all about pattern work, including their requirements. I encourage you and/or Nick to PM Hendrik if you have any further questions, because we’re all learning!


Happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to PM me.


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